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Stinky Fireplace?

My Fireplace Stinks! Help!

Does your fireplace stink? Is the smell starting to destroy your mood? If it is then I bet you want to know why this is happening how to get rid of that awful smell.

Water in the Chimney

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When the weather turns warm, we get a lot of calls to investigate a foul smell coming from the fireplace. Let us help solve this problem.

First of all, the most basic reason for the smell is water. Water is the number one foe of chimneys. It not only causes your chimney to produce a disturbing smell, it also prevents the chimney from functioning properly. It’s not just water; humidity, moisture and the constant change of weather also contribute to this problem.

Chimney Draft Problem

Water is not the only contributor to the stinky situation. The air pressure inside your home can cause a chimney draft problem. It prevents the smoke and other toxic products of combustion from exiting the chimney and thus allowing these substances to linger inside your home. So instead of air going out of the chimney, it will instead backflow into your home which is very dangerous since carbon monoxide may likely be produced. This is a serious threat to you and your family’s life. This problem usually happens after winter and before it. When it’s warm, you usually do changes with your venting systems.

Chimney Blockages

Another possible reason for the foul odor is a clogged up chimney. This also contributes to the draft problem discussed earlier. It could be due to creosote build-up, animal nests or the animals themselves, leaves and other debris, a clogged chimney.

To prevent this from happening make sure to first close your damper at all times when the chimney is not being used. This will lessen the chances for negative air pressure. It’s also best to have a chimney cap installed. That way, it keeps water out, prevents blockages, and allow draft to do its job of ushering smoke outside. Having your chimney cleaned and inspected for damages should also be done every year or even twice a year in order for this problem to be avoided.

We have the best CSIA-certified chimney experts who go out and about to help you with your every dilemma on chimneys and also with your fireplace. We have over twenty five years of experience and we serve right at the heart of Columbia, Jefferson City and in most mid-Missouri areas. We make sure that during the chilly nights, you lie cozy and warm night and day, worry-free.