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Chimney Relining & Liner Installation

Most chimneys have a liner inside the flue which keeps the chimney smoke- and gas-tight and keep heat from transferring to nearby combustible materials. To be truly safe and efficient, all chimneys should have a proper flue liner. Damaged or missing liners, or liners that are incorrectly sized for the appliance they’re venting, pose a serious safety and efficiency problem.

Flue liners that have minimal damage can often be repaired. But if a liner has sustained significant damage, or if it is missing altogether (which is sometimes seen with historic homes), a chimney relining may be needed.

Advanced Chimney Techniques’ CSIA-certified technicians have been repairing and installing chimney liners for more than 25 years. If you need a new flue liner, we have the experience and training to install the right liner for your system, the right way.

Why Might I Need A New Flue Liner?

Damaged Tile Liner
Many chimneys have clay tile liners, and while tile can be good solid material, it’s also prone to cracks. Major cracks and gaps in a flue liner are a real problem that could be allowing poisonous carbon monoxide into your home. Your Advanced Chimney Techniques technician can inspect your liner and tell you if there’s been significant damage.

Damaged Aluminum Liner
We also commonly see aluminum flue liners in chimneys, and although it’s incredibly affordable, aluminum can also be prone to rust, corrosion, and damage by animals. If your aluminum liner shows signs of damage, you’ll want to replace the liner with something more durable (i.e. stainless steel).

New Appliance
In order to function correctly, heating appliances need to be connected to flues of the correct size. If you’ve added a new appliance, you may need to have your flue resized. We install stainless steel liners that are great products for that purpose.

Flue Liner Options

A number of different flue liner options are available:

Clay tile liners
A classic material that you’ll see in many older chimneys is clay tile. When properly maintained, tile liners can last but many homeowners choose to update with stainless steel to increase efficiency.

Stainless Steel Liners
Stainless steel liners are durable products that, when professionally installed, carry a lifetime warranty. These liners are particularly great choices for homeowners who need to resize a flue.

Aluminum Liners
Aluminum liners are commonly seen in flues that are venting gas (not oil or wood) appliances, such as hot water heaters, which emit less corrosive gas and create a lower flue temperature.

Not sure which option is best for you? An Advanced Chimney Techniques technician can help you decide which liner is best for your needs.

Advanced Chimney Techniques Can Handle Your Flue Restoration & Rebuild

If your liner can be restored, we can help. We’ll talk about all of your options, including restoration of a Ceramic Flue Sealant.

If you’ve experienced a flue fire, we can inspect the damage and offer estimates for repair. And if you need a flue to be fully rebuilt, we’re up to the task with more than 25 years of experience to draw from.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help!

We Also Work On Hot Water Heater Flues

Just like your fireplace’s flue, your hot water heater’s flue needs to be maintained as well. If you need repairs or a new liner, let us know!

Whether you need a flue restored, rebuilt or replaced, call Advanced Chimney Techniques, or make an appointment online, today!


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