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Chimney Flue Restoration & Rebuild

We can’t overemphasize how important it is for the safety of your home and family to have a properly functioning flue, free of cracked, gapped or spalling liner tiles, leaks, or other breaks in its armor. The chimney flue is keeping poisonous gases and small, dangerous particles from entering your living space. If there are voids within the flue, these gases and particles from your fireplace, stove or other heating appliance could be putting your health, even life, at risk. Beyond that, a flue with cracks or gaps is allowing heat to transfer through to nearby combustible materials and pose a serious fire hazard.

One common cause of serious flue damage is chimney fires. And you’d be surprised — it’s not always easy to tell when a chimney fire happens. A blaze that brings the fire department out is obvious enough, but sometimes slow-burning flue fires occur and extinguish, and homeowners don’t realize the damage until a professional technician examines the flue. Long vertical cracks in flue tiles are one indication – thick, hard. baked-on creosote is another.

If you’ve experienced a chimney fire — or think you may have — call or e-mail Advanced Chimney Techniques. Our CSIA-certified technicians can tell you for sure if your flue has sustained damage and can provide estimates for the proper repairs as you deal with your insurance company.

Most homeowners’ policies will cover what’s referred to as a “sudden occurrence,” like a chimney fire or major weather incident. They won’t, however, cover incidents that occur because of deferred maintenance. Having your chimney annually inspected and swept will help you avoid that issue.

Relining A Damaged Flue

Relining is commonly recommended as a way of repairing a flue with a significantly damaged liner. But there are some other options for relining your flue.
We recommend HomeSavers UltraPro 316 Alloy reliner. It is a stainless steel flexible relining system that is inserted into your existing flue. It has a 20-year warranty and is UL listed to 2100 degrees. This gives new life to that old unsafe flue.

Flue Rebuilding

With more than 25 years of experience maintaining, repairing, rebuilding, and installing chimneys in the mid-Missouri area, Advanced Chimney Techniques is ready to handle any flue work you might need, from restoration and relining to rebuilding. Trust us to keep you “safe and warm.”

If you need a flue relined or rebuilt, call or e-mail Advanced Chimney Techniques today, or make an appointment online!


Did you know you also need to have your hot water heater flue inspected and cleaned? Well, you do and the technicians at Advanced Chimney Techniques are standing by to help with this flue repair.

*We charge $50 at the time an estimate is provided for work, but we will be happy to apply it toward any work you hire us to perform.

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