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Hot Water Heater Flue Maintenance

The need for proper maintenance and care with a fireplace or stove system is pretty obvious – typically, seeing an actual fire burning inside of our homes reminds us that we have a complex system working hard to make that safely possible.

But it’s important to think about the care and maintenance of your hot water heater’s flue as well. It is venting corrosive and dangerous byproducts, and while damage to it isn’t quite as obvious as it is with a chimney system, it can be just as dangerous. If not addressed, a damaged hot water heater flue could end up causing safety hazards and the need for expensive repairs.

Why Do I Need To Have My Hot Water Heater Flue Inspected And Cleaned?

Your hot water heater, like a fireplace or stove, is using combustion to create heat – and combustion always creates byproducts. As your hot water heater works, its flue is venting gases and other byproducts, which over time, can build up in the flue, just as with your fireplace and chimney. Depending on your fuel, those deposits can be acidic and corrosive and can contribute to significant damage in your flue.

Given the similar function, a hot water heater flue is subject to the National Fire Protection Association’s safety code requirements and should be inspected annually and cleaned regularly to make sure that it’s functioning properly, efficiently, and safely.

What Can I Expect When An Advanced Chimney Techniques Technician Cleans My Hot Water Heater Flue?

A CSIA-certified technician will visually inspect the hot water heater and flue pipes, checking the flue for debris and various forms of deterioration (including softening).

Advanced Chimney Techniques Can Handle All Of Your Flue Problems

Our experienced technicians have been working on all types of flues in the mid-Missouri area for more than 25 years. We can help maintain, install, or repair flues for your hot water heater, fireplace, stove, or any other heating appliances.

And if you’re interested in having new appliances added to your home, we install everything from classic wood-burning stoves to modern gas-burning fireplaces and inserts. Talk with one of our technicians today about your heating needs and your taste — we’ll help you find the exact product you’re looking for.

Are you ready to schedule a cleaning for your hot water heater flue? Call or e-mail Advanced Chimney Techniques, or make an appointment online!


The lining inside the chimney is subject to a lot of wear and tear and damage. At Advanced Chimney Techniques, we can rebuild or restore your chimney’s flue, restoring it to safe performance and giving you more peace of mind.

*We charge $50 at the time an estimate is provided for work, but we will be happy to apply it toward any work you hire us to perform.

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