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Masonry Chimney Restoration

It’s hard to not be impressed with the beauty and longevity of masonry. At Advanced Chimney Techniques, we’ve worked on chimneys in historic homes that have withstood decade upon decade of weather and use, and still, look beautiful and ably perform their job. We love helping our customers keep their masonry chimney systems in top shape, and we take a lot of pride in turning a failing chimney into a beautiful, functional part of home again. If you’re located in Columbia, Jefferson City or Central Missouri, Advanced Chimney Techniques can help with all of your masonry repair and restoration needs!

What Causes Masonry Damage?

The most common cause of masonry problems is water. It can work its way into masonry joints and wear them down, OR seep into a chimney crown and, expanding and contracting as it freezes and melts, destroy it from the inside out. We can suggest a variety of methods to help you fight off the water, including the application of a waterproofing sealant to your chimney and chimney crown. If the extensive damage is already done and repairs are necessary, we’re here to help with that, too.

With over 31 years of experience with fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys in the Columbia, Missouri area, we’ve encountered every masonry restoration situation possible. We’d love to help with your chimney needs, whether a small repair or a full restoration is required. Give us a call, today!

Some Common Masonry Repair Needs

Masonry is a durable material, but if the need for repairs comes up, you can trust Advanced Chimney Techniques to do the right repairs the right way. Some repairs that we commonly do:

Tuck Pointing
If your mortar joints begin to degrade, you will need to have tuckpointing work done to remove the damage and properly repair those areas. But it’s no simple task — incorrectly done tuckpointing work can leave masonry looking shabby, and worse, structurally unsound. With more than 31 years of experience, Advanced Chimney Techniques can take care of all your tuckpointing needs so that your chimney looks and functions exactly as it should.

Crown Restoration
The mortar or concrete crown at the top of your chimney is bearing the brunt of the elements, and if it becomes cracked or starts spalling (chipping or flaking), it will quickly allow water to damage your chimney and the inside of your home.

Fireplace Refacing
If your fireplace has lost some of its sparkle over time, or if its look just doesn’t fit with your home or taste, Advanced Chimney Techniques can reface it with a variety of materials. To discuss the options with a knowledgeable professional, contact Advanced Chimney Techniques, today!

Whatever your masonry needs, call Advanced Chimney Techniques, or make an appointment with our convenient online form, today!


Complete chimney and fireplace service includes chimney repairs and rebuilds. You can count on our expertise to get the job done right.

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