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Chimney Crown Restoration

Along with your chimney cap, the chimney crown is the uppermost line of protection against the intrusion of the elements in your chimney system.

Your crown is generally built out of masonry or concrete and is designed to direct water, snow, and debris away from the flue. But its location means it gets bombarded by nature year-round: pounded by snow and freezing rain in the cold months, baked by the sun in the hot months. Under all the abuse, a crown can crack or begin spalling. If that happens, you’ll want to have the crown restored as soon as possible, to prevent water from entering the system and causing damage to your chimney and the interior of your home.

Different Kinds Of Chimney Crown Restoration

Depending on the condition of your current crown, we may recommend one of several different approaches:

Less Damaged Chimney Crowns
If an inspection by an Advanced Chimney Techniques technician indicates that the damage to your crown is minimal, we may recommend a crown coat repair. This includes the application of a flexible sealant that covers the entire crown, sealing small hairline cracks and creating a waterproof barrier.

More Significant Damage
If Advanced Chimney Techniques technicians see more sizable cracks or spalling, it’s possible that we’ll need to construct a new crown. With 31 + years of maintaining, restoring, and rebuilding chimney systems, we have the experience to build a new crown that will stand the test of time. We can also apply a waterproofing sealant to the new crown that can extend its service life considerably.

How Do I Know If My Crown Needs Work?

If there’s a problem with your crown and you’re keeping up with your annual chimney inspection, an Advanced Chimney Techniques technician will find it. But, in between inspections, the most common indicator of a problem with a chimney crown is a word we all hate to hear: leaks. If you’re experiencing a chimney leak, the crown is a common source, given its job and location. Call Advanced Chimney Techniques if you’re experiencing a leak, and we’ll inspect your crown, along with other common spots in the system that tend to be susceptible to water.

Just Because You Have A Leak Doesn’t Mean It’s Your Crown

The chimney crown can be the culprit when it comes to a leak, but a variety of potential trouble spots exist in your chimney system. Other places we’ll look at include:

  • Your chimney cap – If it’s missing or damaged, it could be contributing to a leak.
  • Chimney flashing – Missing or damaged flashing is also a common cause of leaks.
  • Chimney damper – Stuck or eroded dampers can also allow water to get into your flue.

Advanced Chimney Techniques will conduct a thorough inspection to locate any and all problems.

Does your chimney crown need work? Call Advanced Chimney Techniques today, or make an appointment online!


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