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Expert Fireplace Refacing

At Advanced Chimney Techniques, our priority is to keep our customers “safe and warm,” by maintaining the safety and efficiency of their fireplaces and chimney systems.

While safety is our number one goal, it isn’t our only goal. Fireplaces can (and we believe, should) be beautiful, attention-grabbing parts of your home, and big selling points if you’re putting the house on the market. But if your fireplace has lost its luster over years of use, or if its design is just plain unappealing, the attention it is grabbing may not exactly be the kind of attention you’re looking for.

If your fireplace is functioning well but has lost its appeal, give Advanced Chimney Techniques a call. We do all kinds of fireplace refacing and we can help you get on the road towards a fireplace that you’re proud to have in your home.

Fireplace Refacing Options Are Many

Improving the look of your fireplace can be as simple as installing a new mantle, but it can also be as involved as fully refacing with all new materials. Talk to an Advanced Chimney Techniques technician about what you like and what you don’t like — we’ll help you figure out what option makes the most sense for your fireplace and your home.

We’re used to seeing classic fireplaces made with deep red brick, but you can find a variety of looks for fireplace refacing — from white or black brick to stone, tile, marble, or granite.

Veneers are another option that can completely change the look of a fireplace easily and economically. These products are made with various materials in many different colors and patterns and can be customized for your space and installed on top of an existing surface. Talk to your Advanced Chimney Techniques technician about the possibilities!

Inserts Are Another Way To Bring New Life To Your Fireplace

If the function is something of an issue with your current fireplace as well, Advanced Chimney Techniques also installs wood- and gas-burning fireplace inserts, which can be retrofitted into your existing fireplace. These are built to exacting standards and pass rigorous testing, so installing an insert can change an old, inefficient fireplace into a highly efficient and clean one in no time.

Does your fireplace need work? Advanced Chimney Techniques can tell you about the array of options out there, from Fireplace Refacing to adding a new fireplace insert. Call or make an appointment online!


Crumbling or missing mortar in your masonry chimney or fireplace needs to be replaced using the specialized skill of tuckpointing. Our experienced masons can get the job done to your complete satisfaction, so call today.

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