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Chimney Cap Installation

At the very top of your chimney, a cap should be installed as the first line of protection against the elements. Just looking at it, a chimney cap might seem like a very small part of a big system, but it serves an important role — it’s the first barrier rain and snow meet as they try making their way into your flue. And you’ll want to ensure that your cap is installed and working properly, because rain, sleet, snow, and their friends don’t make very good house guests.

Caps are made of many different materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, and iron, and can come in a variety of designs and shapes to match your home’s design and your taste.

If your chimney cap is damaged or missing (typically as a result of improper installation combined with severe weather), we highly recommend having it replaced. The work that a chimney cap does help to extend the life of your chimney system and helps you avoid a lot of financial headaches.

Small Part, Big Job

Chimney caps have a lot of different functions and that’s why we stress the need for installing and or replacing them.

Chimney Caps Block Water
You don’t want water to get into your flue and chimney system. Even just being on the surface, it can degrade your masonry. And as it seeps into the brick and mortar, it gets the chance to freeze and expand, which can seriously damage your chimney. If you have a leak, there’s a chance a missing or damaged chimney cap might be the culprit or at least a contributor. There are a variety of different water-prevention safeguards built into your system, and this is an important one.

Chimney Caps Keep Animals Out
We’ve all heard about birds nesting in chimneys. The problem is, birds bring debris — highly flammable debris — into the chimney to make their nests, and if you don’t know it’s there and don’t have it removed, it could cause a dangerous and costly chimney fire. If the birds that choose to nest in your chimney are federally protected chimney swifts, you legally can’t remove them or their nests, and you’ll have to wait for them to leave or you can purchase a permit. But, birds aren’t the only critters that try and find a home in your chimney — squirrels and other animals also commonly invite themselves in, bringing unwanted bugs and smells with them. Chimney caps, when properly installed and maintained. can prevent these unwanted visitors from getting in.

Chimney Caps Can Also Improve Venting
A draft is what allows the smoke, gases, and hot air to flow up and out of your chimney. Different things can contribute to drafting issues, but a chimney cap that’s properly installed and sized can often help by minimizing or eliminating wind-induced downdrafts. If draft issues are a problem in your system, talk to your Advanced Chimney Techniques technician — they’ll be able to figure out the cause and suggest improvements, which may include the addition of a new chimney cap.

If you need a new chimney cap, Advanced Chimney Techniques can find and install one that meets your needs and taste. E-mail or call us, or schedule an appointment online!


Another small but important part for a chimney system is a damper. We’ll be glad to inspect your damper, repair it if needed or install a new one if that’s what is called for.

*We charge $50 at the time an estimate is provided for work, but we will be happy to apply it toward any work you hire us to perform.

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