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Chimney Dampers

One of the main functions of the damper in your flue is to close the chimney off when it’s not in use. That helps minimize the transfer/loss of conditioned air in your home and provides another safeguard against water getting into your chimney system.

Dampers do sometimes loosen, get stuck, get jostled out of place, or corrode and crumble, leaving the damper unable to do its job. If your damper is stuck or unseated, one of Advanced Chimney Techniques’ CSIA-certified technicians can take a look at it and let you know if it’s possible to repair. But if parts of your damper break or become brittle, you may need to have it replaced.

The Different Kinds Of Chimney Dampers

A Throat Damper
Traditionally, chimneys were built with what is called a throat damper at the top of the firebox. We see a lot of these in older chimney systems, and in well-maintained chimneys, throat dampers can be very durable. If there’s a problem with your throat damper that can be repaired, an Advanced Chimney Techniques technician will be glad to do it. But the dampers that are more commonly used today, lock top dampers, have a lot of added benefits, and we routinely use these to replace throat dampers that are damaged beyond reasonable repair.

A Lock Top Damper

Keep heat and energy in…rain and animals out
If it’s not the cold drafts on your feet, it’s the high energy bills in your mailbox. You’ve got a fireplace problem you probably don’t know about. It’s your damper. It leaks. Not a lot mind you, but enough to be costing you over $200 a year in lost energy.
The Lock-Top Damper seals tight with a silicone rubber gasket
That’s right, our damper seals with a rubber gasket, not metal to metal like your current damper. A Lock-Top Damper seals tight, so virtually no air, and thus no heat or air conditioning gets lost up your chimney. The Lock-Top also eliminates downdrafts, seals out rain which can deteriorate the inside of your chimney, and prevents entry by pests like squirrels, raccoons, and nesting birds.
The Lock-Top mounts on top of your chimney
On top? Yes, that is the perfect location to create an airtight seal. A cable drops down your flue and attaches to a handle which mounts where you can reach it for convenient opening and closing. Superior stainless steel and cast-aluminum construction equal a lifetime warranty. The Lock-Top Damper is made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel, precision fitted with a special silicone rubber gasket. These high-quality materials add up to a factory lifetime warranty for you.

Leaks? You Might Want To Take A Look At Your Damper

Chimney leaks can be complicated and could be coming from a number of places in your system. A damaged or stuck damper can often be a contributor. Part of the damper’s job is to help seal the flue against water, so if it’s not doing that job correctly, water, of course, has a better chance of getting in. If you have a leak, call Advanced Chimney Techniques. We’ll thoroughly check your system, including the damper, to see what’s causing the problem – and we’ll make the necessary repairs so that you and your family are enjoying “safe and warm” fires again in no time.

If you have a damaged or stuck damper, or want to learn more about the benefits of installing a top-end damper, give Advanced Chimney Techniques a call. We’d love to help. Make an appointment via phone or online!


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