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Class A Chimneys Installation

If you have a heating appliance, you need a chimney to remove the harmful byproducts produced by combustion. So if you’re looking to install a brand new fireplace or stove in your home, you may also need to install a chimney.

Having Advanced Chimney Techniques technicians build a masonry chimney can certainly be an option — we’ve been maintaining, repairing, building, and rebuilding chimneys in the Columbia, MO. area for more than 25 years and we love adding a durable, beautiful masonry chimney to a home. But you can also talk with one of our CSIA-certified technicians about factory-built Class A chimneys, which are strong and sturdy products that, installed properly, can be incredibly durable and affordable.

What Is A Class A Chimney?

While masonry chimneys are constructed brick by brick on site, Class A Chimneys are factory-built and are made out of durable stainless steel.

These are built with multiple-wall insulation so that a hot enough flue temperature can be achieved for a proper draft while the outside of the chimney remains cool and safe. The high degree of insulation also allows for a low minimum clearance between the chimney and nearby combustible materials, meaning more placement options.

One of the benefits of factory-built products is that they’re built to high standards and pass thorough safety testing before being put on the market. Installed by an experienced, CSIA-certified technician — like the ones at Advanced Chimney Techniques — you can expect these to bring years of high performance to your home.

If you’re considering installing a brand new appliance, or need to replace a failing chimney, these can be great, efficient, and durable options. Talk to your Advanced Chimney Techniques technician about what makes sense for your home. Keeping you “safe and warm” is our priority, and we’d love to help you find the best product for doing just that.

Installing A New Heating Appliance? We’d Love To Help

We maintain, repair, and install chimneys, of course, but we also routinely install and replace fireplaces, stoves, and inserts. Whether you’re looking for a classic wood-burning stove or a sleek and modern gas-burning fireplace with glass on four sides, we can show you some incredibly durable products, and install them to last.

Whatever your chimney or fireplace needs, Advanced Chimney Techniques would love to help you stay “safe and warm”. Call or e-mail us, or make an appointment online!


Your factory-built chimney, or chase, needs a chase cover to keep out unwanted water and critters and other types of debris. Let us help with this chimney installation service today.

*We charge $50 at the time an estimate is provided for work, but we will be happy to apply it toward any work you hire us to perform.

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