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Traditional Wood-Burning Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

The sights sounds and smells of a wood fire — it’s hard not to feel warm and cozy just thinking about it. Options for adding a traditional- or modern-looking wood-burning fire are so broad these days, the odds of you finding the perfect fit for your home design, space, and heating needs are overwhelmingly good.

There Are A Number Of Reasons Why Many Homeowners Prefer Wood

The fact that burning wood offers a nostalgic and cozy vibe is just one draw. Wood, as a fuel source, has several benefits.

  • Wood is a renewable resource, and using it means you’re not using a non-renewable, fossil fuel
  • Wood can be a very cost-effective fuel — finding free or cheap firewood isn’t unusual, though finding free fossil fuel is
  • Wood fireplaces and stoves can still be used in the event of a power outage, so during a bad winter storm, you’ll still be able to keep your home warm

Responsible Wood Burning Is Important

Efficiency and unwanted emissions were definitely causes of concern with the wood-burning appliances of the past. But any wood-burning fireplace, stove or insert manufactured after July of 1992 has to pass strict emissions tests in the United States, as required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This is a good thing for your home and family and for the environment. If you’re having a modern wood-burning appliance installed, you can expect it to make far better use of fuel and to give off far fewer emissions. The proper use of EPA-certified wood units can decrease the level of pollution emissions by as much as 85 percent.

Some good tips for responsible wood burning:

  • Always use seasoned (or dried) wood, and/or manufactured fire logs
  • Never put plastics or painted/treated wood in your fire — it’s bad for you and your appliance

Some Wood-Burning Products Advanced Chimney Techniques Installs And Recommends


Lopi Wood Stoves And Inserts
Lopi products have been hand-assembled in The U.S. (specifically, in Mukilteo, Washington) since 1979. Many of their stoves and inserts come with self-cleaning options and auto-operation controls.

Kozy Heat Wood Fireplaces
A family-owned business that’s been crafting fireplaces, stoves, and inserts for more than 30 years, Kozy Heat offers a range of efficient, high-quality units.

Heatilator Wood Fireplaces
Heatilator fireplaces are widely recognized the world ‘round and have been in production since 1927.

Advanced Chimney Techniques Can Also Install, Repair Or Restore A Full Masonry Fireplace

We have more than 25 years of experience, and our CSIA-certified technicians are expertly trained to provide top-notch service, whether we’re sweeping your chimney or building an entire fireplace.

Interested in a wood-burning fireplace, stove, or insert? Advanced Chimney Techniques would love to help you find the perfect unit for your needs. Give us a call, e-mail or make an appointment online!


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