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Gas-Burning Fireplaces & Appliances

Gas is a hugely popular fuel choice for fireplaces and other heating appliances these days. Gas fireplaces can be a highly convenient and clean alternative to wood-burning appliances. Instead of stacking wood, building a fire, and sweeping ash as you would with a traditional wood-burning unit, a gas fireplace typically only requires that you push a button and set your temperature.

As quick and convenient as gas appliances are, they need upkeep in order to function properly and safely. Gas is no different from any other fuel source, in that it is using combustion to create heat. Combustion always creates byproducts, and in the case of gas, those byproducts can be corrosive and acidic condensation, poisonous carbon monoxide gas, and other materials. Over time and with use, gas combustion byproducts can build up, potentially causing damage to the flue and/or make your appliance work inefficiently and unsafely.

Having your gas fireplace and/or other appliances routinely inspected, cleaned, and maintained is key to ensuring that you and everyone else in your home stay “safe and warm”. Advanced Chimney Techniques would love to help make that process easy for you – just call, e-mail or make an appointment online, and our NFI-certified technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your fireplace or appliance.

If signs of damage are present, we have over 25 years of experiencing servicing and repairing every type of heating appliance imaginable. You can rely on our NFI gas-certified and MO propane gas-certified technicians to bring your system back to top working order.

But I Have A Relatively New Gas Appliance, Why Do I Need To Service It?

The great thing about advances in heating appliances is that efficiency has reached remarkable heights. But there’s a downside to those new, highly-efficient gas fireplaces and heating appliances. The heat that used to go up and out of a flue is redirected into the home, which is great for warming purposes. But to create a “draft” that ushers byproducts up and out of the flue, some heat needs to be in the flue. So, the low flue temperature that can result with some super efficient new appliances can result in an array of problems, including condensation that creates acidic, corrosive water, and increased carbon monoxide production that then isn’t properly vented out.

Problems with your gas appliance’s flue won’t always be obvious, but some of the signs that the Chimney Safety Institute of America outlines are:

  • Blistered paint or peeling wallpaper around your chimney area
  • Damp patches on interior or exterior walls
  • White “efflorescence” on the masonry chimney’s exterior

An NFI-certified Advanced Chimney Techniques technician can evaluate your gas fireplace/appliance and its flue, making sure that it’s working and venting properly. If any problems are evident, we will also present you with recommendations for repairs.

Advanced Chimney Techniques Can Help You Maintain Any Appliance In Your Home

We’re experts in dealing with gas-burning appliances, but that’s certainly not the only fuel source we’re well-versed in. If you have a wood-burning fireplace or stove — or any other type of heating appliance — give us a call. We’ve been working on chimney systems and heating appliances in the Columbia, MO. area for decades, and we’d love to help you solve any problem that comes up, or just help you keep up with annual maintenance.

Call or e-mail Advanced Chimney Techniques for an appointment, or make one online!


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