Converting to Gas Logs

Reasons You Might Want to Make the Change

What’s Wrong with Using Wood?

First of all, it has been proven by the United States Department of Energy that using dry seasoned wood does not really provide adequate supplemental heat to the home. It is time-consuming to use wood — getting it, storing it, bringing it in from the cold…these things add up to inconvenience. In addition, burning wood takes a bit to heat up.

More about Gas Logs

My guess is that by now you’re already eager to find out how gas logs can turn all that around. Gas logs are convenient and you don’t have to look for them every year. You can get your money’s worth with the heat it can fully provide – and save money on your heating bill.

Gas Logs & Smoke Photo - Columbia MO - Advanced Chimney

Tired of smoke getting in your eyes? Perhaps switching to gas logs may be worth some consideration.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Vented Gas logs
  • Vent-free Gas logs

Vented gas logs are the kind of logs that can provide that picturesque, realistic fire you always admired watching ever since you were a kid. It’s also very affordable and is undeniably convenient because there is no need for stacking. Some models even come with remote controls to regulate the flame. But since it is an open flame, it still has some of the same problems as wood.

Vent-free gas logs on the other hand are just as convenient and it gives out that blazing fire effect. It gives out substantial heat in the home and is very easy to install. It is also budget-friendly and it makes no mess.

Gas logs can be your solution to a better way of providing heat inside the home. Our CSIA-certified professionals are ready to install your gas logs whenever you want.  You might even consider having a gas fireplace as well. Contact us now, we always see to it that you are prioritized.