Eliminate Creosote – Eliminate Worry

Clean Out the Creosote

The chimney is one of the most underestimated and misunderstood parts of our entire household structure. For most of us, we think that it just generally looks good to have it included and it can be useful during cold months.  Actually, aside from being readily available for our use during chilly winter nights, the chimney plays an important role in the balance of your household. It serves as one of the exhaust points in your house that allows the air you have inside to be breathable. Aside from that, it is also generally designed to be able to withstand and contain fire while successfully redirecting the residues and gases out of your house and away from your lungs. So it is critical to schedule an annual cleaning and inspection.

Hazardous Creosote Image - Columbia MO - Advanced Chimney

Creosote is a natural by-product of burning. When it accumulates, it becomes a hazard.

When getting the chimney inspected, an important thing to watch out for is the formation of creosote. This is a  black or brownish residue that may either be tar-like and drippy or crusty and flaky (or both). This residue is what gets left behind when we burn wood-fuel fires in our chimney. It is produced when the normal by-products of the burnt wood (smoke, gases, unburnt wood particles, tar fog, water vapor, etc.) get condensed in the cooler areas of your chimney on their way out. It sticks to the chimney’s inner wall. What’s dangerous about this is that it’s highly flammable and is one of the leading causes of chimney fires.

There are particular conditions that actually promote the build-up of creosote.  You need to take note of these for you to be able to prevent creosote from making residence in your chimney. Using wet, green or unseasoned wood, restricted air supply and a cool-temperature (which is not the norm) in your chimney actually serves as the trifecta for the perfect condition to encourage the accumulation of creosote. In order to prevent it’s build up, burn only dry, seasoned wood and have regular cleanings.

Regular chimney inspections from competent and well-trained chimney sweeps at Advanced Chimney Solutions are strongly encouraged for the safety of your family and your home. House fires are a nasty business. And aside from that, it also generates an overwhelming amount of damage. Wouldn’t you be able to sleep better at night knowing that your chimney is creosote-free? Save yourself from all that stress and worry. Call us and get your chimney checked today!