Help! My Fireplace is Smoky!

Smoking Fireplace Photo - Columbia MO - Advanced Chimney

Is smoke lingering in your fireplace? That’s no good! Smoke is supposed to go up the chimney flue. If you are experiencing this problem, call your certified chimney tech to check it out.

A very serious situation, smoke is supposed to go out the chimney; not inside your house. However, sometimes, a fireplace does get smoky, and there are several different instances in which this can occur. In each instance, Advanced Chimney Techniques is certified and equipped to repair this damage and get the smoke from your fireplace going where it is supposed to go: out through the chimney. If your fireplace is smoky, schedule an appointment with us immediately, so we can get your fireplace working safely again.

According to the article, “Some Tips That Will Help Your Fireplace Stop Smoking” from the Chicago Tribune, a few procedures will easily solve the smoky situation:

Check the damper

If you have a fire going, your damper needs to be open. A lot of people will forget to re-open the damper when lighting a fire, especially if one is not used to lighting fires often. To be energy-efficient, it’s recommended that you keep the damper closed to keep drafts from forming in your home. If your damper is still closed when you’re burning a fire, the smoke cannot escape, and it enters your house. However, sometimes, your damper may be damaged and need repair or replacement. If your damper is stuck closed, you will not be able to use it, due to the smoke issue. If it is stuck open, you are constantly letting air into your home. Advanced Chimney Techniques provides damper repair and replacement that will solve this problem.

Check the air supply in the room containing the fireplace

If there is not enough air flowing in the room where the fireplace is located, both the formation of the draft of air that carries smoke up and out of the chimney and combustion are inhibited. In order to figure out if this is the problem and how to solve it, you just try opening one or two windows in the room as the fire is burning. The fire may stop smoking, and you will have to experiment to determine exactly how much you need to open the windows, if this method does work.

Check if the fire is built too forward within the fireplace

When this happens, the fire’s smoke floats upward into the room, rather than through the fireplace. Of course, the obvious remedy for this issue is to build the fire further back; however, your fireplace could be shaped too large, or its opening could be too great. Advanced Chimney Techniques is certified in fireplace refacing and rebuilding and will be glad to go over your options.

Check if your chimney itself could be causing the smoky problem

Sometimes chimneys are not long enough to properly ventilate the smoke out of your home. This is not a common problem in a smoky fireplace situation, but Advanced Chimney Solutions does do chimney repairs and installations if you feel your chimney needs to be lengthened.

Have your chimney professionally swept and inspected by a Chimney Safety Institute of America-certified chimney sweep every year

No matter if your fireplace is smoky or not, you should most definitely take care of this important maintenance task every year to be sure your chimney and fireplace are safe and clean. Schedule an appointment for your annual chimney sweep and inspection today with Advanced Chimney Techniques.