Keeping Your Family Prepared

Fire Safety Tips for Your Family

When you become a parent everything changes; you suddenly see things differently and your top priority becomes your growing family. Even if you take all necessary precautions it is impossible to guarantee safety from a house fire, but you can minimize your risk. At Advanced Chimney Techniques Incorporated want to give you some useful tips that can help provide safety and security inside the home.

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Here are some simple steps you can take to minimize any damage a house fire may bring to your family.

Make a Fire Exit Plan

First off, you need to have a fire exit plan for your home. It should compose of a coordinated way of getting out of the house including how to exit, where to meet, each family member’s role to play, and what to do next. The Bureau of Fire Protection recommends practice sessions for the plan at least once a month with all members of the family and occupants in the house present to make sure they know their roles once the inevitable happens. If there are old people in the house, they should be assisted by a family member strong enough to carry them. This should be properly designated. If there are infants in the house, it’s always best to have them sleep in the same room with the parents to make the process easier. Also, see to it that hallways and exit points in your house are clear at all times. Include a meet-up area outside the house where everyone can go to after they have exited the house.

Fire Aids

Aside from having an effective fire escape plan, homeowners should have things that can help prevent and also extinguish fires. In searching for a product, choose the ones that are endorsed by the CSIA.

Smoke detectors or fire alarms are a good investment since it warns you with its loud alarm once smoke is present in your home. It is important to check the batteries regularly to make sure that it sounds of in the event of a fire. It should also be loud enough to hear, no matter what room or area you are in. Keeping a fire extinguisher accessible and near the places that have potential to catch fire (like the chimney) should also be done. There are a variety of extinguishers available in the market today.

Fires can start anywhere, anytime. It can be caused by short circuits and overcharging items. It can also come from your chimney where soot and creosote builds up. That’s why it’s best to have your chimneys checked and swept annually to make sure it’s not about to start a spark. So schedule an appointment now and ensure the safety of the people you love.