We Love Columbia!

Columbia Missouri is the Place to Be

Columbia, Missouri—a place where there’s always something happening and something to look forward to. This fairly large city has it all; museums, humongous stadiums, concert grounds, and bustling due to the many anticipated festivals and games there. Columbia is a city undergoing a tremendous boom in construction, building high-rise apartments, tall skyscrapers and hotels. It’s also a place to unwind, relax and rejuvenate your body and mind or just simply enjoy what life has to offer. We thoroughly enjoy spending time in Columbia and are proud to service the area. Whatever you are seeking, you’re sure to find it here.

Historical Background

In Mid-Missouri, Columbia is the largest city and the fifth largest city overall in Missouri. Based on the United States Census in 2012, there are over one hundred fourteen thousand occupants. Here lies the heart of the University of Missouri. The people in this area are called Columbians because of their ancestors—the Native Americans. They are best known for their economic stability, their exemplary education, and their focus on insurance and health. Most of the people here are degree holders as well.

Entertainment, Culture & The Arts

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The Arts community in Columbia is thriving. Pop down to the Missouri Theatre Center for the Arts for the latest exhibits.

Art lovers and people who enjoy seeing interesting things and learn about new cultures would be thrilled to be in Columbia. They frequently have cultural shows and events in Jesse Auditorium and the Missouri Theater Center for the Arts. Both cultural centers are the largest in the area and are internationally acclaimed. The True/False Film Festival—a highlight of their yearly events, is held in the Ragtag Cinema. They also have a museum that displays over fourteen thousand genuine artefacts and ancient emblems that embody the true nature of how Columbia came to be and is always free of charge.

Their Public Library has over three million volumes of important books of different genres. You can also see here how they showcase to the public the historical nature of Columbia and other important events.

If you love football, you’ll want to go to the world-renowned Faurot Field. It can hold up to seventy thousand people is a place where football games are being held at and big time concerts are done. They have two other large sports stadiums named Mizzou Arena, Taylor Stadium and Hearnes Center. All of which have been hosts to many historical baseball and basketball leagues and is now home to the Missouri Basketball Team.

Festival of the Year

The Roots N Blues N BBQ Festival is a much anticipated event of the year. This event has over a quarter of a million attendees every year. This is a time where musical legends and artists gather to represent different genres in music. They range from regional to international artists. Since 2007, this event was dubbed to be the most prominent festivals in the country. It also includes a marathon. While listening to the festive musical atmosphere, local vendors sell barbeque and beer providing a fun-filled experience and a happy stomach for those who do the ten-kilometer run and those who simply want to have fun.

What are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and give yourself a treat. Visit Columbia, Missouri now. It is truly the place to be.