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Advanced Chimney Techniques Loves The Historical Beauty Of Jefferson City

Jefferson City was dubbed the “Most Beautiful” small town in America by judges in Rand McNally’s third annual Best of the Road contest in 2013. And anyone who’s spent any time in Jeff City would have a hard time arguing against the designation.

Jefferson City’s beauty, in part, comes from its historical charm — as chimney professionals, Advanced Chimney Techniques technicians get the privilege of visiting lots of beautiful historic Jeff City homes and buildings during chimney and fireplace service calls, so we’re particularly attuned to and appreciative of the historic beauty that’s found right in the heart of Missouri.

We’re based right in Jamestown, so our technicians routinely head to Jefferson City, and we’re proud to serve clients all around that beautiful town, from regular maintenance (chimney inspections and chimney sweeping) to the detailed work of restoring beautiful and unique chimneys in historic homes.

A Few Jefferson City Stops For History Buffs Like Advanced Chimney Techniques

Our work has definitely helped cultivate a strong appreciation of Missouri’s history. If you have a similar appreciation, a few great Jefferson City stops to check out:

Cole County Historical Society
At the Cole County Historical Society museum and library, you can learn a ton about Missouri history and see artifacts that speak to Cole County life in the 1800s.

The Missouri Governor’s Mansion
The Cole County Historical Society is also across the street from the Governor’s Renaissance Revival Mansion and its gorgeous historic marble fireplaces!

The Missouri State Museum
A perfect place to bring visitors or just spend a Saturday learning about Missouri’s history, from its natural beauty to cultural development.

The Missouri State Penitentiary
It’s been decommissioned since 2004, but the penitentiary opened back in 1836, so if you’re fascinated by historic architecture (and masonry skills — the stonework on this building is awe-inspiring) this is well worth a day trip.

Those are just a few stops we’d point toward — the Jefferson City Convention & Visitors Bureau is a great go-to for Jefferson City history, too!

We Love History, But Advanced Chimney Techniques Is Firmly In The Now, Too

Being a well-rounded chimney service company means having a strong understanding of what it takes to properly service historic chimneys, and keeping up with the latest techniques, tools, and products in our industry at the same time. We can restore a historic chimney with the care and experience needed, but we can also install a brand new factory-built chimney system, whether that includes a gas fireplace installation, wood-burning stove installation or Class A chimney. We do it all!

If you live in Jefferson City and need chimney service, give Advance Chimney Techniques a call. We’d love to help!


We also spend a lot of time in neighboring Sedalia, making sure we’re doing a good job on the chimneys and fireplaces in this part of our service area.

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