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Achieving Chimney Draft Efficiency

Chimney Draft Efficiency Image - Columbia MO - Advanced Chimney

Maintain a good chimney draft to maximize your fireplace’s heating potential and to keep your family safe.

Is your chimney not giving enough heat to your home? Is there thick, black smoke coming out of the chimney openings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then there is really something wrong with your chimney. We from Advanced Chimney Techniques would like to give you extensive details on the probable causes and how it can be resolved.

What’s really going on?

It’s not like this situation happens once in a blue moon, it’s one of the common problems, especially during rainy seasons and in winter. The biggest problem there is the issue on draft. The draft inside the chimney will determine whether or not your chimney is functioning well. The most vital and almost always affected part of all is the chimney flue.

The flue plays the most important role inside the chimney. It is where smoke passes through to make its way to the outside environment. As years go by and after countless times of using your fireplace, it is bound get old and overly used that you might need to have it fixed, relined, or replaced.

Why does this happen?

The process is called chimney draft. It is when smoke that is not needed and is produced during open combustion is pushed up until the chimney opening. The so called “pusher” is the draft. And in order for the draft to be useful, the flue should be in excellent condition as well. In attaining draft efficiency, the temperature both inside and outside the house is also very important. Alongside all these is pressure. When there is enough draft, a fully functional flue and subtle pressure, the process becomes easier.

What happens if there is not enough draft?

When the process fails or when one of three elements is not present or cannot function as it should, fires may happen, negative air pressure will occur and the possibility of carbon monoxide is just right around the corner too. This will not just affect your home but your health will be compromised as well.

Here at Advanced Chimney Techniques, we have the best technicians and professionals duly recognized and certified by the CSIA and the NFI. We cater to cleaning and inspecting your chimneys and we also do chimney relining if your flue needs attention. There are many more services that we can offer and we are more than willing to cater to your needs any day. Give us a call now and we can sit down and talk about all your chimney problems!