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Time to Clean the Wood Stove

Getting Ready

It’s amazing how technology has impressed the public with the fine innovations and advancements it offers today. The complexities in their products and the numerous benefits you get from it have brought awe and wonder to us all. But despite their nudge towards more futuristic products, innovators try their best to incorporate environment-friendly concepts and materials into their inventions. One in particular is the production of lovely and efficient wood-burning stoves.

Cleaning Your Wood Stove - Columbia MO - Advanced Chimney

One of the most energy-efficiency heating systems you can employ is a clean wood stove.

What are wood stoves?

Wood stoves are heating appliances that are capable of burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel like that of wood pallets. It generally consists of a solid closed metal fire chamber, a fire brick base and adjustable air control. It is specifically designed to provide substantial heat to the entire house.

Wood Stoves are safe, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. They also produce less carbon emission. Best of all, it provides us with warmth and comfort during those unbearably cold days. Modernization of this product has become rampant. The top of the stove which is generally flat is now useful for cooking meals like egg and toast. This can even be used to boil or steam water. Some even have built-in ovens to bake or cook your winter feasts while cozily warming the home.

Tips for Wood Stoves

Here are some vital information for your wood stove. Never use plastic, paper, and painted wood. Each has the ability to create toxic fumes and eventually lead to the accumulation of creosote in your chimneys. This can put you in a harm’s way and incur acute and even chronic damages both to your property and your health.

When buying a wood stove, ensure that your installer is registered to HETAS (Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme). This is an organization that is recognized by the government to approve solid fuel heating appliances, fuels and services.

Types of wood used

There are two kinds of wood you’d like to burn for this type of heating system. One is the wood that comes straight from local woodlands. This type of wood is all-natural. No pesticides or herbicides were used to grow them. Minimal damage is made in the soil. This type of wood can also be bought by local companies who process and sell these products. Always make sure that the wood has been stored for at least 6 months, but not more than a year from when it was cut. This gives enough time for seasoned wood to dry and keep its natural elements. The second kind of wood that can be burned is used or waste wood from building houses and scraps or unwanted wood from construction sites.  They too have many environmental benefits like that of the locally-grown wood.

Cleaning wood stoves

Cleaning your wood stoves is easy and there is no need to clean it every single time it is used. It is recommended to have it cleaned every two weeks. Before cleaning, you need to wait for the wood to cool down first. Give it a few hours to cool then properly dispose of the residue in a sealed container or garbage bag and throw it away.

But aside from the day to day maintenance of our wood stoves, there comes a time to call in the professionals. Our friends at Advanced Chimney Techniques, Incorporated are the best certified pros in the wood stove, fireplace and chimney maintenance business. They can offer the required annual inspection to ensure that no creosote or any harmful chemicals are building up in your chimney. You can always expect excellent service as they are equipped with the latest technology. With them, quality is guaranteed.